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27.08.2019 Iron Curtain. Peace in Europe feels like one of the most natural things today. For the past few days, however, we have been cycling along the former border between Czech Republic and Austria. Three rows of bunkers along the cycling route, which were in use until 1989, and a monument of the Iron Curtain made us feel how divided this region used to be in the past. We are now living in the longest period without war in central Europe and we can not imagine what was going on here during earlier centuries. Peace in Europe should not be taken for granted, and we should do everything to maintain it. On our way we pitched up our tent in Viktor, Anthea and their daughter Eva's garden. In the evening they served us a nice meal with vegetables from their garden, their neighbour joined us, we had some wine together and an animated discussion. Thanks a lot for the lovely time shared. Today we entered Austria and now we are staying in one of the two homes of the scouts in Laa an der Thaya. Laa has more or less the size of Schrozberg but the local scout group has many more active members and a tradition of more than 90 years of scouting. Thanks to the scouts of Laa for receiving us. We are looking forward to reaching Vienna tomorrow. #scoutbound #czechrepublic #czech #bunker #ironcurtain #austria #laa #bohemia #peace #war #warmshowers #europe #tour #balkan #scouts #dpsg #cycling #bike #velo #camping #biketouring #cyclinglife #cyclinglover #touringlife #adventure #lessborderslessvisa

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