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10.09.2019 The little things. During our trip, it is often the little things that make us happy. The feeling of pedalling up a steep hill and finally reaching the peak, smiling at each other in Addy's rear-view mirror, having a good meal and some beer after a long day on the road, realising that the food we ordered with improvised sign language and lots of guesswork is actually exceptionally good, discovering that the campground comes with a sauna, seeing the sun dry our moist camping gear, the man who filled us our water bottles in his garden because the public fountain was 'kaputt', and Alexander, who spontaneously described his plans for an electronic music festival on his grounds in great detail as we passed by, or walking uphill through vineyards to have breakfast in the sunrise. Sometimes, little things turn into great, magical moments, like the night we arrived in Szekesfehervar and were welcomed by Maria and Eszter, two wonderful sisters. They are scouts like us and we had contacted their local group shortly before. The two girls were ready to spend some time with us and show us their town, and they turned out to be brilliant guides and conversationalists. We learned many things about the town's rich history, and the Hungarian language, which we're not giving up on!  The sisters also recommended a visit to Veszprem, another pretty little spot near Balaton lake, with a remarkable old town and castle on a rock right in the middle of it. Thanks again for everything, Maria and Eszter. We're cycling on along the shores of the lake and will reach the thermal bath of Heviz later this day. #scoutbound #hungary #balaton #badacsony #heviz #szekesfehervar #veszprem #langos #warmshowers #europe #tour #balkan #scouts #dpsg #cycling #bike #velo #camping #biketouring #cyclinglife #cyclinglover #touringlife #adventure #lessborderslessvisa

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