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16.09.2019 Zagreb. We arrived in Zagreb two days ago and we've been having a blast here. It started off with a night at Goran's place in the southern part of the city. The next morning he and his charming girlfriend Andrea from Ljubljana took us on a stroll through the city centre and showed us a few tourist hotspots and, more importantly, their favorite and lesser known places like the market, the city's oldest pub (where we had a glass of gemist aka spritzer aka Weinschorle) and underground walkways from WW II. Goran was the first one to make us aware of the bombings the Croatian capital suffered from as recently as 25 years ago, during the Homeland War that was launched when Croatians decided to leave communist Yugoslavia. We learned more about these events during a thematic guided tour and still find it hard to grasp that, between 1991 and 1995, when we were little kids and – except for the absence of online media – our German reality was not immensely different from that of today's kids, our Croatian peers had to hide in air-raid shelters and lost family members in a bloody war happening at their doorstep. Today Zagreb's streets, parks, bars and restaurants buzz with locals and tourists alike, as if to celebrate this newly-found peace. Yesterday evening we met Addy's sister, mother and a friend for dinner. They had spent a holiday at the seaside and were on their way back to Germany. Addy's mum Vesna is Croatian and often visits friends and family here, and so will we in the next few days. Today we are leaving Zagreb, heading towards the mountains south of Karlovac. We have about two more weeks to spend here, so our Croatian adventure will continue. #scoutbound #croatia #hrvatska #zagreb #europeanunion #warmshowers #europe #tour #balkan #scouts #dpsg #cycling #bike #velo #camping #touringlife #adventure #lessborderslessvisa

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