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28.10.2019 Outbound again.  October is almost over now – and wow, what an intense time these past few weeks have been. When we were home, we invited friends and family over or visited grandparents, cousins and baby nieces living close by to catch up with everybody. When we were away from home, we spent four awesome days with fellow adult scouts in the Ruhr area or travelled to the very south of Germany, near Lake Constance, to take the tandem bike Addy used for his previous trip (see @tour4life ) back to its owner. And October is of course the time of our region's most important (and probably the world's greatest) fair, called Muswiese, which we attended and enjoyed for a full five days. In between all these fun events, we were quite busy with our various vehicles: Pino, the tandem, needed a significant makeover before we could return it. Eva's bike was finally given a name, Elfi, and our car was sold off after 18 years of (mostly) valuable service to the family.  Addy's Alter Falter arrived by post from Croatia after only a week and had to be reassembled and pepped up with a few replacement parts. And when, a few days ago, we were finally done with all the reassembling and maintenance, we started to take Elfi and Alter Falter apart and box them once again. The reason why we are packing our bags and bike boxes again, why we have tried our luck once more and sent off about 20 kg of camping gear and clothes by post, and why we will not need a car in the next few months, is of course our upcoming trip: In a few hours we are going to set off on a three-day journey to New Zealand, leaving from Frankfurt on Tuesday, spending Wednesday on a stopover in Taipei and finally arriving in Auckland on Thursday. We are extremely excited to be heading out again, and this time for several months in a row, and already looking forward to providing you with pictures and updates from Kiwiland and the places we will visit thereafter. #scoutbound #muswiese #dpsgbezirkhohenlohe #tour4life #tandem #hasebikes #taiwan #taipei #auckland #newzealand #warmshowers #couchsurfing #scouts #dpsg #velo #tour #cycling #camping #biketouring #cyclinglife #adventure #lessborderslessvisa

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