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24.11.2019 Another day in paradise. We cannot buy and carry along many souvenirs on this journey, but luckily we can take home an unlimited number of good memories. Two days ago, the wind and State Highway 3 took us to Whanganui, where we were accommodated by Ann and John. They are in their late seventies and live on the local Quaker Settlement – a spacious property with a community centre, private housing for about 25 people, gardens and orchards as well as sheep pastures. The first night we accompanied John to a community meal and met some of the residents, who are not all Quakers but share certain values and look after the property together. Both mornings, when we were having breakfast in the sunny garden, John merrily announced 'another day in paradise', and we really enjoyed every minute with him and Ann. They are incredibly joyful, warm-hearted and humorous people and full of life experience and stories. In the past they somehow managed to run several farms, raise three daughters and run marathons while travelling quite a bit and making friends all over the world. Curiously enough, Ann has had a pen pal in our neighbouring town, Niederstetten, for almost all of her life, and showed us photos of a trip to our home region. Ann also showed us the town centre, the market and a historic riverboat that once went up and down the region's aorta, Whanganui River. She had us try Hokey Pokey ice cream and took us to the Regional Museum, which offers a good glimpse at Maori culture. To her mild disappointment, we did not buy much at the market, but the time spent with her and get husband has filled our imaginary backpack with unforgettable impressions, many happy memories and valuable bits of life advice. #scoutbound #neuseeland #newzealand #whanganui #wanganui #whanganuiriver #quaker #paradise #icecream #streetart #maori #waimarie #warmshowers #couchsurfing #scouts #dpsg #worldbycycling

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