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02.01.2020 4500 scouts.  We are starting off the new decade at the National Scout Jamboree, a big 10-day camp for 10- to 14-year-olds. Counting all Scouts, their troop leaders, older scouts helping out, international guests and staff, we are about 4500 people here at Mystery Creek, near Hamilton airport. We learned about the event right after arriving in New Zealand, thought this could be an awesome experience, and decided to get a job and participate as staff rather than mere visitors from overseas. So now we are part of the catering team and spend much of our time at the food hub. This is where food is distributed to all kids and leaders, following a clear-cut plan. They camp in about 80 groups of up to 40 people, and twice a day each group sends a few kids and adults to our warehouse, where they fill their trolleys with everything they need to feed their troops. We are really intrigued to learn about the logistics behind the scenes of such a big camp, and apart from doing warehouse duty, we are busy getting to know new people from New Zealand, Australia, Oceania and other places, learning about how scouting is done at the other end of the world, and testing the fun activities the kids are offered here. On New Years Eve, we had a bit of team shenanigans with hockey in our food warehouse, and then went to the central Jamboree party for music, dancing and the countdown. Now we can say that we were among the very first people to welcome 2020, here in the first time zone, 12 hours ahead of Germany. Happy New Year! #scoutbound #newzealand #nz #neuseeland #jamboree #mystery #mystery2020 #mystery2019 #scoutsnz #nz22 #warmshowers #dpsg #scouts

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