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07.01.2019 Impressions from Jamboree. Yesterday evening we represented Germany at the closing ceremony, and today we are leaving the big scout camp with lots of new ideas and great memories. Our job with the food distribution team was good fun, and when we were not at the warehouse, we walked around the site and tried to take in as many impressions as possible. We had a look at activity bases, the welfare tent and creation stations. We attended the international evening stage show and were amazed by dances from Pacific Island Nations. In big marquees we learned about camp cuisine, the pedagogical programme of Scouts New Zealand, the national scouting museum and the badge trade business, which Kiwi scouts are totally crazy about. For this Jamboree, there were about 250 different troop badges, day badges, activity badges and more to collect and swap, and so the streets between subcamps could get very busy with kids looking at what others had to offer and negotiating good deals. Walking around the individual camps was probably the most interesting thing to us, as we could spot many clever things like bike-powered washing machines, camp kitchens in trailers, or really creative (and often illuminated) camp gates, and of course have nice chats. Among the lovely people we met were Shannon, a Wellington leader who went to the post office there and collected a parcel for us, Duncan, who agreed to take most of our camping gear to Christchurch and store it for a while, and Bruce, who taught us how to handle a digger and is now giving us a ride to Auckland. Shouts to all (tired but happy) Jamboree attendees out there, and especially to the scouts helping us and our gear go places! #scoutbound #nz #newzealand #neuseeland #jamboree #dpsg #mystery2020 #scouts #nz22 #scoutsnz #mystery #camp #washingmachine #zipline

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