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19.01.2020 Nature by boat. Travelling on sailing yacht Carola gives us the chance to enjoy a bit of New Zealand's coast and its unique wildlife from the sea. As we sail, we encounter plenty of seabirds, fish and jellyfish, and we are constantly looking out for penguins, dolphins and whales. On a day of little wind and high waves, Pantagruel's captain Micha invited all of us to join him and his crew on a day trip to Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve. These rocky islands are covered in thick green woods and have been declared a bird sanctuary, so people are not allowed to set foot there. It was a lot of fun to dive and snorkel there and explore the islands' rugged shores and water-filled caves with our dinghies. On our way back to the mainland, we finally spotted something bigger than a kingfish or a seagull: a shark, right next to our boat! A few days later we anchored in a bay outside Marsden Cove marina and went for a hike around the cape. The footpath we followed is part of the Te Araroa trail spanning the entire country from north to south. Our walk took us through the bush, along a rocky hillcrest, up to giddy heights offering stunning views across the peninsula and the ocean, and then down to a picture-perfect beach. We went for a very refreshing swim in the waves and relaxed in a warm, salty puddle the retreating tide must have created there. #scoutbound #nz #newzealand #neuseeland #sailing #yacht #pantagruel #carola #dinghy #teararoa #oceanbeach #snorkeling #hiking #cave #crew #beach #jellyfish #poorknights #dpsg

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