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23.02.2020 Stones and water. We decided that in between all the city hopping it would be cool to see some more of Australia's great outdoors, and at our own pace. So we rented a car and set out for a trip along the Great Ocean Road, a scenic coastal drive of about 250 kilometres to the south-west of Melbourne. To our delight, we were joined by Meike, the third German crew member on sailing yacht Carola, and her British friend Heather. They brought tents, mats for everyone, and a stove, so we could make it a real camping road trip despite most of our own gear being in New Zealand. We had the car for about four days and did not make it all the way to the final point in Warrnambool, but turned around at London Bridge. Along the way, we stopped to see the major attractions of the Great Ocean Road: beautiful and unique rock formations like the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and, as we started to say towards the end of the trip, 'some more rocks and some more water'. It was great to be back in the camping business again. We had a rather rainy and cold first night and never stayed right on the coast, but in return we paid low or no fees, made tea and tasty dinners on our stove, explored a waterfall that was just a little morning walk away, and saw colourful parrots and kangaroos from up close. Telling by the kangaroo droppings, Australia's most iconic marsupials seemed to be regulars at one campsite, and indeed three of them hopped past our car and tents at nightfall – tall, powerfully built and thus slightly intimidating, but as far as we can say totally peaceful. #scoutbound #austalia #greatoceanroad #twelveapostles #lochardgorge #roadtrip #waterfall #parrot #beach #stones #pacificocean

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