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28.02.2020 Thank you for choosing Australia. When people asked us what we were doing in Australia, our answer was often that we were taking a holiday from our actual (cycling) holiday im New Zealand. We said this, for example, when we introduced ourselves to the Cub Scouts of Port Melbourne. We had contacted the scout group and been invited to a regular Tuesday meeting of their 7- to 10-year-olds. That evening, they had a beach clean up on their agenda, so we happily gave them a hand, and of course we told them a little about ourselves and our travels. When hearing about the nature of our side trip to Australia, one of the Cubs piped up and said, 'Thank you for choosing Australia.' Our stay in Melbourne marked the end of our time in Oz, and the day out in the port area was only one of many highlights. We also loved the Botanical Gardens, Melbourne Museum, AC/DC Lane and other street art hotspots, the Federation Bells – which come with an app so anyone can sound them and play tunes in real time – as well as a trip to Abbotsford Convent with Meike and Andrea of our Carola sailing crew. And what will forever have a special place in our memories is seeing the 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' play at Princess Theatre on two consecutive evenings – a truly magical experience!  Thank you, Australia, for being so much fun and not as hot, dry and barren as we had imagined. However, we are really looking forward to flying 'back home' to New Zealand tonight. Although we happened to have extremely nice roommates in Melbourne, we are happy to no longer depend on hostels, intercity buses and 'the beaten track' (as we did most of the time in Australia), but to pick up our tent, camping gear and bikes and travel with more freedom again. #scoutbound #austalia #melbourne #portmelbourne #scouts #dpsg #princesstheatre #hpcc #flinderstreetstation #flinderstreet #federationsquare #federationbells #streetart #acdc #acdclane #skyline #reflection

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