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10.03.2020 Alpine adventure. After many beautiful beaches and bays, green hills and forests, lakes and rivers, we finally arrived in the right place to see some of the mountains and glaciers which are also part of the picturesque landscape of New Zealand. Mount Cook measures 3724 metres and is the country's highest and most iconic summit. To get a close view it is a good idea to go to Mount Cook Village, a very remote place at the end of a valley, and hike up the Hooker Track. We made sure to pack enough food because in the Village there is no place that sells groceries, and set out on a three-day adventure. However, the night before we entered the valley, we arrived at a remote campsite and noticed that one of Addy's tyres was worn out. We discovered the problem on a Saturday evening, so even if we had cycled 10 kilometres in the opposite direction to reach Twizel, the next town, we would have had to wait until Monday for the shops to open. So we decided to glue in a double layer of rubber from old tubes plus some duct tape and go to Mount Cook anyway, hoping the tyre would last another 150 k. When we reached the campsite at Mount Cook we were soaking wet and Eva doubted our things would ever dry again. To make matters worse our stove stopped working, but luckily people in the shelter helped us out with their equipment so we could cook food and make tea. But after a stormy night we had an awesome sunny day and actually managed to dry our stuff. And what is more, we got a perfect view of Mount Cook and the remains of the Hooker Glacier. Today we are heading back along the famous Alps2Ocean Trail, which will lead us back to the coast in the next few days. The generator of the stove is still blocked and we continue to pray for the tyre to make it back to Twizel. #scoutbound #newzealand #nz #mountcook #mtcook #hookertrack #cycling #bike #touring #worldbycycling #laketekapo #lakepoaka #swingbridge #tyre

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