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01.04.2020 Home bubble diary. We have been at Paul's house in Christchurch for a week now, and it seems like we manage to successfully ward off cabin fever. Something that really helps make confinement bearable is the garden, where we can enjoy the autumn sun on the wooden deck or in our hammock, stretch and do yoga, clean and service our bicycles, or air our brains and lungs while gathering nuts and fallen leaves. We all try to leave the property as rarely as possible, and only for short walks in the neighbourhood or unavoidable trips to the supermarket. The two of us cook and bake on a daily basis, as it is fun and we have plenty of walnuts to use up and also because we want to give back to Paul, our host. Paul is in his sixties and every inch a scout. We suspect he did not even think twice about offering us to stay at his place, also because he lived through the severe Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, when half his house came tumbling down and Christchurch residents closed ranks and overcame the crisis together. Paul has definitely seen worse than this nationwide curfew, and to him solidarity and finding makeshift solutions are a matter of course. During the day, he is busy with his work as an architect, private paperwork and some correspondence for the National Scout Museum. For evening entertainment, he always has us choose between watching a film or going through a section of his vast and super interesting collection of national and international scout stamps and bagdes together.  There have been some rainy days and overcast mornings, but we always find something to do: We keep in touch with friends and family at home and abroad, check the news, read and write, listen to audio books and podcasts, take online classes and, in Addy's case, practise the guitar. Just hours before the onset of national lockdown, he managed to find and buy a used one via social media. So even if our journey has taken an unexpected turn, we make the most of it and still enjoy our free time. #scoutbound #nz #newzealand #christchurch #stayhome #uniteagainstcovid19 #covid_19 #lockdown #corona #garden #guitar

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