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27.06.2020 Dresden, now and then. Both of us have been to Dresden before and we are excited to be here again. Dresden is one of Germany's most beautiful cities and it could be even more gorgeous if it had not been bombed and destroyed to a great extent at the end of World War II. We visited the 360 degrees exhibition 'Dresden 1945' in an old gasometer, which provides a lot of information and pictures of different eras: what Dresden looked like before and right after the war, how it changed during the GDR period, and what is there today. Strolling through the city and climbing up to the top of Frauenkirche cathedral we compared what we saw at the exhibition with the sight that meets the eye today. But it is not just the city of Dresden that is awesome, this is also true for its people: Tina and Matthias gave us the possibility to stay with them – to be precise, they let us choose between sleeping in their living room or on their balcony, above the rooftops of Dresden and beneath the stars. We went for the second option, although our hosts have the coolest and most interesting flat we have seen so far. They own a pet chameleon, they build their own bikes out of bamboo and they are bike enthusiasts too, so we always had something to talk and laugh about while enjoying the evenings in Dresden's beer gardens. One more discovery we made is that Chemnitz is not as ugly as a lot of people had told us before. On our way to Dresden we spent a day in the city formerly called Karl-Marx-Stadt and we liked it. The city has a beautiful centre and we enjoyed a ride on the park railway. #scoutbound #cycling #worldbycycling #dresden #frauenkirche #panometer #panometerdresden #zwergchamäleon #chamäleon #chameleon #viaduct #cherryeating #cherries #chemnitz #karlmarx #karlmarxstadt #nischel #parkeisenbahn

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