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28.06.2020 Micro adventure. Our Dresden hosts Tina and Matthias have different classifications for their bike rides, depending on how long they are. Yesterday all four of us started out on a 'micro adventure' into the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, where we wanted to stay for one night. We cycled along the river Elbe and then up into the highlands to a bivouac shelter Tina had found for us, close to the Czech border. Some hikers had chosen the same destination, so we were quite a few people to spend the evening together at the campfire, baking bread on sticks, frying sausages and singing along with Tina, who played the ukulele she had brought on her bike. On our way back down into the valley we hiked up to the top of Großer Zschirnstein, the highest hill in the Saxon Sandstone Mountains, and enjoyed the stunning view across endless forests. Back down at the river we had lunch and some beers before finally parting company. We had a terrific time with our two fellow adventurers and we wish them all the best for their future rides. Having visited a lot of cities in the past few weeks, we were very happy to be in the great outdoors again, and we are now looking forward to spending some more days in the countryside before reaching Berlin. #scoutbound #cycling #worldbycycling #dresden #microadventure #elbsandsteingebirge #elbe #elbesandstonemountains #sachsenforst #biwak #bivouac #forest #zschirnstein #großerzschirnstein

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