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10.07.2020 The capital. The biggest milestone on our way through the east of Germany was a stop in Berlin. Addy had never been to his own capital before and Eva had visited once as a kid and again in 2018, with two American friends, but just for a very short time. That is why both of us were eager to spend a couple of days exploring this historically significant and culturally diverse city. It bears marks left by the imperial period, the Nazi regime, WW II, the division of the country during the Cold War era – when the Wall ran right through the city – as well as modern city planning, politics and lifestyle. We visited lots of sights, but former border checkpoint Tränenpalast, abandoned airport Tempelhof and GDR State Security prison Hohenschönhausen were the places most fascinating to us. The first few days in Berlin, we stayed with Anna and André. They accepted to host us even though Anna's cousin and partner from France were also there for an evening. True to the motto 'the more the merrier', we spent a great German-French evening together, with traditional East German food. Yummy! With a tent that needed (and got) some repair and two old friends from school we wanted to meet up with, there were a lot more things to do than just sightseeing, and we ended up spending an entire week in the capital. We are going to continue our journey tomorrow morning, but we still have a list of ideas and things to do for the next visit to Berlin. #scoutbound #tempelhoferfeld #berlintempelhof #berlin #germany #alexanderplatz #fernsehturm #fernsehturmberlin #tränenpalast #bahnhoffriedrichstrasse #hausderdeutschengeschichte #hohenschönhausen #brandenburgertor #ampelmann #cycling #worldbycycling #sonycenter #potsdamerplatz #rejka #camp4berlin #camping

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