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16.07.2020 The sea, finally. It was quite a long way from our place in southern Germany to the coast – mostly because there was so much to see and do on the way, and due to the fact that we most definitely chose the scenic route over the short one. And then, when we finally arrived on the country's most eastern island the day before yesterday, we did not really feel the maritime vibes right away. Reason one was that Usedom is only a stone's throw from the mainland and separated from it by what is basically a big lake and some streams, and reason two was that the cycling paths here barely run along the coastline, and the roads, towns, fields and forests of the central island look very much like any other in Germany. However, once we had crossed the island and reached its Baltic Sea coast, we can see why people praise Usedom's pretty seaside resorts and fantastic white beaches. Unfortunately, it was rather cold and rainy during our stay, so we did not have the option to just spend the day in one of the comfy roofed wicker chairs for two that are so typical of German beaches. But we gave it a try as soon as the sky opened up a bit yesterday, and whiled away the rest of the day in Usedom's cosy cafés. The rain also kept us from cycling over to Poland again, which is only a couple of kilometres to the east, as the border runs right across the island. Today we are leaving the island via a bridge in Wolgast and cycling on to the city of Greifswald and beyond, but we are planning to be back at the coast tonight and start a new island adventure tomorrow. #scoutbound #usedom #heringsdorf #strand #strandkorb #ostsee #trabant #trabi #ddrmuseum

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