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12.08.2020 Cycling home. For the final almost-350-kilometers leg home we left the Iron Curtain Trail and went into the Fulda valley. We followed the river up to the city of Fulda, where we had already stayed for a night at the beginning of our journey. Unlike back then, Addy's friend from uni times Konrad and his girlfriend Tugce were in town and invited us to stay with them. They showed us their neighbourhood and the city centre, which was really nice because the first time we cycled through Fulda it was raining and we could not enjoy the visit. Next, for the first time and just for half a day, we took the same route as we had taken when leaving home in June, and we stayed in another place we had passed through more than two months before: Rieneck. That is the place where the scout-run castle is we had wanted to stay at back then. Now it was open and so it was possibe for us to spend time there, explore the castle and sleep on top of the highest tower. This was admittedly one of our very few contacts with scouting on this journey. Unfortunately, scouting was banned in the GDR and just a few groups have been founded or reactivated during the past 30 years. So while we coincidentally bumped into a few small groups of scouts in Erfurt, on top of Brocken and in between, we could not really arrange any meetings with local members of the movement. After two weeks of pure sunshine and temperatures of up to 30 degrees, which made sleeping under the open sky easy and pleasant but cycling quite challenging, especially around noon, we reached our hometown of Schrozberg today. #scoutbound #cycling #bikes #worldbycycling #fulda #rieneck #burgrieneck #würzburg #alterkranen #festungmarienberg #marienberg #fuldatal #dpsg #pfadfinder

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