Scoutbound Via Claudia Augusta

August 2021 – September 2021
Just a three and a half weeks trip crossing the alps and spending a relaxed time in Italy.

Scoutbound Germany

June 2020 – August 2020
Instead of cycling up the North American West Coast from Los Angeles to Vancouver, we are now on our way through East Germany.

Scoutbound Kiwi

October 2019 – April 2020
We cycled from Auckland down to Bluff and wanted to return via the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island before the global virus pandemic forced us to change our plans.

Scoutbound Kiwi – Visiting Australia
February 2020
Within our trip down under we visited Australia for one month, leaving our bikes in New Zealand.

Scoutbound Europe

August – September 2019
We cycled from our hometown in Germany to Zadar in Croatia, visiting places in Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary on the way.