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14.07.2020 To the sea. No tour of East Germany would be complete without a visit to the coast of the Baltic Sea, and after spending so much time in Berlin, conquering the great outdoors again sounded just fine. For people living in Berlin and feeling like a quick trip to the seaside, the go-to option is a three-hour drive to the island of Usedom, which is separated from the mainland by large bodies of brackish freshwater while the Baltic Sea touches only its northern shores. Usedom and the capital are linked by a popular cycle path, but we decided to take the long way and follow the river Oder, which quite precisely marks the German-Polish border. Starting in Berlin, we went east until we reached Lower Oder Valley National Park and then followed the Oder-Neiße cycle path, another scenic and comfortable route to the coast. It was pretty much only when Addy's bike ripped a shift cable that we decided we should take a little detour to the closest bigger city, which is Szczecin in Poland. So oops, we cycled out of the country again! Having successfully shopped for and repaired Alter Falter, we had some utterly delicious Polish food in this bustling place. In the evening, we camped on a tiny pony farm in the most remote corner of our country. Today, we have reached the town of Ueckermünde, where we are now waiting for the little ferry to take us and about 30 other cyclists across the waters of Stettiner Haff to Usedom. Ship ahoy! #scoutbound #cycling #worldbycycling #polen #poland #szczecin #stettin #stettinerhaff #ueckermünde #oder #oderneisseradweg #odra #unteresodertal #ferry

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